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Extreme Kites School

At extreme kites we only use fully qualified and the most professsional instructors at best locations,to make your introduction into this sport as safe as possible.It is a common misconception that this sport is difficult to learn.With the right tuition it is well within the grasp of a complete novice to be flying a decent sized power kite in around 2 hours.

power kite course
After this you can choose to go into kite boarding, kite buggying or kite surfing!

Discover the control and power of the kite through 2 levels. Start at level 1 on a foil or trainer kite flown on bars, and find out about safety systems and wind directions.

Level 1 (Bars or Handles):

Level 1A

  • Set-up . rigging and ground handling skills
  • Pre-flight checks of equipment.
  • Safety checks of kite and equipment before flying.

Level 1B

  • Personal and safety equipment required for power kiting . including emergency equipment for specific locations.

Level 1C

  • Launching and landing, with an assistant or independently.
  • Use of kite leash and safety systems.
  • Piloting in the wind window and power zone. Understanding   key areas and safety.
  • Simulate change of direction using a top turn.
  • Untwisting lines while kite is flying.

Level 1D

  • Landing the kite alone.
  • Safety pack down

Level 1 E

  • Walk across the wind with the kite to simulate traction.

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