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Extreme Kite Surfing School

At extreme kites we only use fully qualified and the most professsional instructors at best locations,to make your introduction into this sport as safe as possible.It is a common misconception that this sport is difficult to learn.With the right tuition it is well within the grasp of a complete novice to be up and riding within 8-12 hrs.

With our premium learning experience the group ratio will be a maximum of 4 students per instructor.
kite surfing schools
kite surfing schools


INTRODUCTION TO KITEBOARDING - Includes,safety,equipment set up,understanding the wind and land based flying.

WATER INTRODUCTION-Includes handling of a large kite,launching and landing,and bodydraging through the water to simulate the movments of the kite once riding.

WATER SKILLS-Includes advanced body draging,one handed bodydragging,water relaunch,self rescue,and basic board skills

BOARD START-Includes first board starts,first board ride,and board control tips.

ADVANCED RIDING-Includes riding with power, change of direction.Tips on riding up wind,and how to hold an edge.

LESSON PRICES- Group courses 95 pp per day max 4 per group

Private tuition 50 per hour

kite surfing schools
We aim to get you up and riding on a board after a two day course but all lessons will be specifically tailored to the individuals ability and progression. People still belive kitesurfing to be an expensive hobby but if you check our package prices you can invested in a two day course and full kit for less than a decent set of golf clubs,then it is free.So dont be fooled, dont waste money, get the right advice from the start. Remember this sport can be hazardous so we always recommend if you are thinking of trying it the first step is to take lessons from a registered and qualified instructor.With the correct guidance and instruction it can be very safe and one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. Although we recommend an average level of fitness is required, there are people from seven to seventy years of age participating in this sport all over the world.

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