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U Turn Kites

The build quality of U-Turn kites is second to none. The materials are the best available and the construction is to the same standard as our paragliders, ensuring long service and lasting performance
 U Turn Helium U Turn Helium

With it’s low aspect ratio and deep profile you’d be hard pushed to find a more stable kite than the U-Turn Helium II, many people have described it as ‘luff- proof’. Of course this combined with it’s easy handling makes it an ideal beginners kite, but that’s not the full story. The Helium II will surprise many with its performance and more experienced flyers won’t find it lacking in pulling power and speed
U Turn Oxigen 2 - Oxygen

The U Turn OXIGEN II is the ultimate freerider, suitable for all kiting activities. Whether in a buggy, on a board or on foot. On sand, grass or snow, for racing, easy cruising or for freestyle, this intermediate offers extra performance with high stability, yet is almost as easy to handle as a beginners kite
 U Turn Oxigen 2 - Oxygen
 U Turn Butane U Turn Butane

In 1999 Ernst Strobl, now head of R&D at U-Turn, designed the classic AiREA Raptor II. One of the most user friendly race kites, it also had the performance to match, winning both UK and German buggy championships. Six years of further experience and innovation in paraglider and kite design have gone into the development of the U- Turn Butane.
U Turn Nitro Evo2

The U-Turn Nitro Evo2 has an impressive pedigree. In 1998 Ernst Strobl designed the AiREA Raptor, arguably the most significant development in race kite performance. This was followed almost immediately by his Raptor II that brought stability and ease of use to the raw power and speed of the original. The U-Turn Nitro Evo2 is the logical evolution from these classic designs
 U Turn Nitro Evo2

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