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North Kites

North Kites are one of the founders in the kite surfing game, they have a range of kites for all riders, fantastic quality and perfect ride make North Kites a top buy.
 North Vegas 2010 North Vegas 2010

We have our new demo 10m ready to rock. North are always pushing for new ideas and they took a leap with the 09 and now the 2010 has the best of 08 and 09 combined. Will it knock the 2008 off our North riders pedestal? Wait and see.
North Vegas 2009

For 2009 we have completely re-worked the Vegas to cover a wider range of conditions and riding styles than ever before!
 North Vegas 2009
 North Rhino 2009 North Rhino 2009

The North Rhino has always been synonymous with extreme power and big jumps. The 2009 Rhino is no exception.
North Rebel 2009

The 2009 Rebel is bashing down the barriers of free- riding and surfing!
 North Rebel 2009
 North Evo 2009 North Evo 2009

North introduces an EVOlution in freeride kiteboarding! The Evo can be ridden on 4 or 5 lines and bridges the gap perfectly between Vegas and Rebel, uniting new-school and freeride in one kite.
North Buzz 2009

The new model for kite schools shall make it safe and easy for beginners to get into kiting. The buzz endures the rough handling in kite schools and after a crash it starts almost by itself and without any skills at the edge of the wind window.
 North Buzz 2009
 North Kitesurf Harnesses 2009 North Kitesurf Harnesses 2009

North Kitesurf Harnesses 2009. With optimum comfort and the new North Kiteboarding Wonder.Bar, this year’s harnesses are perfectly adapted to the needs of demanding kiters.
North Trust Bar 2010

North have gone back to the drawing board. There are so many new and improved features EK think this is one serious bar!
 North Trust Bar 2010
 North 5th Element Bar North 5th Element Bar

Riders of all levels, from pros to newcomers, will benefit from the advantages of the new 2009 5th Element bar setup.
North Kite Spares

North kiteboarding spare parts
 North Kite Spares
 North Vegas 2008 North Vegas 2008

It seems North have combined the awesome '06 with the best bits of the '07 to further perfect this amazing performer - due out this October.
North Rebel 2008

Norths all terrain hybrid kite offers all comers the best of bow and C.
 North Rebel 2008
 North Evo 2008 North Evo 2008

Low wind grunt and easy handling. North's answer to those who like no fuss kiting.
North Kitesurf Boards 2008

In 2008 North have the usual suspects and now introduce a few new pro models into the mix including a new wave directional
 North Kitesurf Boards 2008
 North Rhino 2008 North Rhino 2008

North Kiteboarding New Rhino 2008

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