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Kite Panic

Ok, so you have heard all about this "power kiting", maybe seen it on a beach, on tv, on the internet, you are thinking, this looks serious fun, well it is , we have kite surfing kites, land kites, high aspect kites, buggy kites, its all confusing, we hope to give you with our 10 years of experience a simple way into starting each power kiting discipline.
 Starting Kite Surfing Starting Kite Surfing

To start to kite surfing there is only ONE kite on the market to start and progress on, thats the BEST waroo, its one of the safest, strongest, well built kites on the market.
The Best waroo will take you from your first flying attempts, learning the wind window, learning to relaunch the kite in the water to massive airs and all the tricks in the book!

We have used these kites for the last 2 years to teach and progress on and we cant recommend them enough.

The new 08 waroo features more depower, more strength in the canopy

We are so impressed by these kites, if you purchase one and in 30 days do not like the kite or for any reason wish to return the kites, just send it back and we will refund your purchase !

If your over 11 stone we recommend the 11m best waroo and under 11 stone go for a 9m.
Starting Power Kiting

Getting into power kiting is quite a complex matter, theres hundreds of kite types, different sizes, aspect ratios, lines, bars, handles etc etc.
Here at Extreme Kites we have got hundreds of kiters started and know the best way to get going
We recommend the PKD Buster 2 line of kites to get started, they are the best range of kites to get going, they come with all the handles, lines, bag, kite killers etc , and are one of the cheapest packages on the market, we cant recommend these enough, an ideal present for someone !

If your under 10 stone then we recommend a 3m PKD Buster 2, and if your over then a 4m PKD Buster, the 2m is superb for children learning to fly aswell !
 Starting Power Kiting

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