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Kite Landboarding

Kite Landboarding is the land based cousin of kite surfing, all the moves are the same but the landings harder, its a good starter sport to move onto the water aswell.

The latest Land boarding DVD's and our favourite videos added regularly for your viewing pleasure.

Click the image to see the film or trailer
MBS Mountain Boards

MBS Mountain boards are predominantly the best boards on the market, they have been in the mountain board scene from day one and produce a range of strongest lightest decks on the market with bullet proof trucks and wheels, choose mbs for every atb need.
 MBS Mountain Boards
 Bluearth Mountain Boards Bluearth Mountain Boards

After a fantastic introduction to the product range in 2003 the BluEarth Mountain Board range now continues to grow with new products and specifications becoming available.

All models in the range benefit from at least 3 different designs with more to follow. From May 2004 a full range of parts and accessories was introduced to the BluEarth Mountain Board range.
Trampa Mountain Boards

Trampa are the first mountain board & kite board manufacturer in the world to be able to produce a bullet proof, rider weight specific, custom handmade mountain and kite board deck, that can be super flexi or stiff for the holidays in Lanzarote ,Australian or American adventure.

Trampa Mountain Boards and Kiteboards fit to any type of truck system to replace old or tired wooden decks as an up- grade, or as complete units hand made to the customer's dimensions and requirements. - Please contact us for any custom setups.
 Trampa Mountain Boards
 Trial Skates Trial Skates

Trial skates are the leader in the off road skating market, aluminum hubs and superb quality wheels make these skates strong with no flex.
Ground Industries Mountain Board

Our inspiration is born on a hillside or desolate beach, then engineered here to enable your riding creativity. Our goal is to progress the sport through innovative products that enhance the ride. As riders, we are dedicated to improving our lifestyle with products of only the highest quality materials and design logic. So come in, look around, & experience our world.
 Ground Industries Mountain Board
 NoSno Mountain Boards NoSno Mountain Boards

Think Ferrari of the mountainboarding/kite boarding world, these boards are truely amazing, super strong, sick looks and the best ride of them all, if price is no object get your hands on one of these machines.
Kheo Mountain Boards

Kheo Mountain Boards have a range of boards from the total beginner up to a mid range board, they feature good quality gear at a good price, check out the new Air FX !
 Kheo Mountain Boards
 Mountain Board Spares, Bindings, Mountain Board Spares, Bindings,

Broken a Mountain Board Truck ?
Bearings rusted to Death ?
Big air to a snapped hub ?
Find everything to repair your mountain board here.

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