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Kite Buggying

Kite Buggying is the art of piloting a metal frame with 3 wheels attached up a sandy beach or large field, lately buggy jumping has been introduced for the fearless !
 Libre Kite Buggy Libre Kite Buggy

Designed and manufactured in Germany - constructed to the highest standards - Libre has gone from strength to strength in the buggy racing circuit winning numerous European competitions. Made to withstand even the hardest of terrains and racing circuits - Libre has it all in their range.
Flexifoil Kite Buggy

Flexifoil Standard Buggy The frame is made from high- grade stainless steel for durability and strength, and has been designed to withstand virtually all conditions.
 Flexifoil Kite Buggy
 Peter Lynn Kite Buggy Peter Lynn Kite Buggy

The New Zealand company of Peter Lynn Kites was founded in 1973 by Elwyn and Peter Lynn and operated by them.

World leaders in the design of kites both large and small. From kids kites to world record holders and the latest in power kites all designed in Ashburton - New Zealand.

Their kite buggys are designed for serious all terrain action.
Cameleon Kite Buggys

Cameleon Kite Buggys feature a range of race specific buggys, the pagona and the iguana are of race winning pedigree.
 Cameleon Kite Buggys
 Kite Buggy Spares Kite Buggy Spares

Need new bearings ?
New tyres ?
This section of the site features all the spares and parts available for your kite buggy

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