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Extreme Kites & Paragliding Blog
Kite Surf Gear Taboo 9m - new - £500 Taboo 12m - new - £550 Waroo 2010 7m new - £450 Waroo 2010 7m used - £350 Waroo 2010 9m used - £ more....

Hammer Helmets
It's about this time of year we see people buying these stylish ski/snowboard helmets. This year the UK importer is not bringing in any 2012 products, more....

The ups and downs of 2011
Well it's fair to say the recession still has people tightening the purse strings and cutting back on the toys. While we've not had so much to do in more....

Welcome to Extreme Kites - Specialist

Kite Surfing and Power Kites Shop

kite surfing best waroo

Extreme Kites Massive Sale

Please contact us for these offers

Please feel free to make offers on the gear below aswell

Kite Surf Gear

Taboo 9m - new - £500
Taboo 12m - new - £550

Waroo 2010 7m new - £450
Waroo 2010 7m used - £350
Waroo 2010 9m used - £400
Waroo 2010 9m used - £450
Waroo 13m 2009 new - £350 or complete £450

RRD Obsession 10.5 complete as new - £450

Best 45cm 2010 bar used - £125
Best 2010 55cm bar and lines new - £150
Redline 45cm bar used once - £175
Redline 45cm bar new - £200
Best Spark board new 140 - £250
Best Spark board new 135 - £250

Best Spark board new 2010 130 - £275
Best Spark board new 2010 135 - £275
Best Spark board new 2010 140 - £275

08 Waroo leading edge bladder 11m - £25
Vegas 12m 2007 full bladder set - £50
Loads of waroo bladders - call for price

3d kitesurf bindings - (£60 ) - £10
north kitesurf bindings - £15
30m 5th line inc stopper - £5
best nemises t1 14m bladder - £20
Airush old school chicken loop - £5
best kite bar pigtails - £5

Power Kite / ATB

Hq Symphony 1.2 - £20

3x ATB raptor bindings (£50 ) - £15
1x ATB Talon bindings ( £40 ) - £10
optimum sport elbow pads - £5
ozone wrist leash - £5
slingshot wrist leash - £5
Flexifoil small kite handles with kite killers -£10


Dakine Storm Medium - £50
Dakine Tempest Medium - £50
Dakine Tabu medium - £50
Dakine wahine XS - £35

Best Waist harness medium - £65
North Airstyler XL - £80
12 inch spreader bar pad with strap - £5
marked stock

Sunhelmet Ex1 XS - £5
Sunhelmet Steel Morpheus Black (£50 ) - £10
Sunhelmet Steel Morpheus White (£50 ) - £10
Sunhelmet Ex1 M - £5
Sunhelmet Steel SR M ( 55-56 ) (£75) - £15
Sunhelmet Galaxy black - £10

We are the North West based

power kites

specialists, with over ten years combined power kites sports experience. At Extreme kites we do not sell equipment we won`t use ourselves.

Our expertise comes from many years as dedicated

kite flying

enthusiasts. If you would like to see what its all about or just come and have a fly of a


please email or ring to come on our demo days we are running every Wednesday evening weather permitting.

Our kite school is now open, please click here for information regarding our school.

We offer a free demo with every kite we sell!

power kites frenzy FX If your are just starting out kiting, or want some more information about how to get into kiting, kite surfing, kite buggying or kite landboarding please hit the Panic button on the right or click here for kite questions

kite buggy landboards

Land boarding and kite buggying is a new kite sport, imagine riding down a beach pulled by a small power kite at speeds of up to 50mph then sliding the buggy to a stop, spinning around and blasting back up the beach - its serious fun !

power kites trampa land boards Kite landboarding is a beach based sport similar to kite surfing but riding a mountain board on the beach, big jumps, big air is great fun !
Check all our mountain board page out, but we recommend purchasing a power kite and spending several hours under the kite before getting on a board, safety first !

paraglider paragliding

Paragliding is one of the most amazing sports to come around in the last few years, the wings have become so advanced that they are super safe, the new Gin and Airwave range are no exception to this, please contact us regarding starting paragliding and paramotoring or any advice on paragliding gear and we can put you in the right direction.

kite buggy landboards price promise

Extreme Kites will price match any shop in the UK with proof by quotation or link to site. This offer excludes internet only companies and offers through ebay

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